6 women, one diagnosis – HIV positive, yet healthy

And until people really understand that science is not motivated by curiosity anymore, but by money — big, federal money, big private money — once people start recognizing that, and realizing that everything they hear from the scientific establishment they ought to interpret as a commercial…People don’t really understand that.
(Dr. Kary Mullis, awarded the Nobelprize)


Karri was in her mid-twenties when she tested positive after her second pregnancy. The doctors advised her to make her will. She trustingly took the AIDS medication and became a classic example of an AIDS patient, popular with doctors and nurses. However, that changed abruptly after 11 years, when Karri decided to discontinue treatment due to the many side effects she was suffering from. During the four years without medication Karri felt better than at any time since having been diagnosed with HIV. Unfortunately, the drugs had already eaten a hole into her intestines, and in search of a new doctor she almost bled to death. Five doctors refused to operate on her because she had rejected the HIV treatment. In order to get an operation, she had to agree to the infusion of Ganciclovir. Shortly after she became blind and lost her ability to speak. She died on 26 April 2011. “I WON’T GO QUIETLY” is her legacy to us.


Barbara was tested positive for HIV in her early twenties. The test was done without her prior consent during a hospital stay. However, instead of developing AIDS, she gave birth to four healthy children. Because she decided to deliver her fourth child at home instead of the recommended Caesarean section and furthermore chose to breastfeed her daughter, she was sentenced to 14 months on probation. The youngest daughter was placed in a children’s home, because she refused to give her the prescribed medication.


As a baby, Lindsey was adopted by an American couple. In her home country of Romania she tested negative for HIV, whereby a subsequent test in the U.S. turned out positive. The parents gave her the recommended antiretroviral drugs and had to watch as she started suffering from extreme leg pain and stopped growing. They discovered an article by Dr. Peter Duesberg from Berkeley, who advised the parents to stop the treatment immediately. The leg pain disappeared and Lindsey was back to a normal weight within 2 months. In the early 90s, there were 12 other so-called “AIDS” Babies in Minnesota, of which Lindsey is the only survivor. Today she is a healthy young woman, who recently became a mother herself – however, her happiness was overshadowed by the authorities. Read more on: http://saverico.com/


Line was persuaded by doctors to take an HIV test because she was expecting the child of an African. The test turned out positive for both her ​​and her partner. Neither one of them ever developed AIDS. The child is now in her twenties and perfectly healthy, without ever having been on any AIDS medication. Line was sued by one of her ex-partners, because she allegedly infected him with HIV: She was found guilty and served 2 years in prison.


Tatyana was diagnosed during her pregnancy. She took the drugs and gave birth to a child of whom the doctors said that it would only live 3-4 years. She gave her child AZT until she came across a newspaper article by a scientist who had proven that people died from the effects of the drugs. She discontinued the treatment at once. Lisa is now 7 years old, exceptionally intelligent and receives free ballet lessons because of her talent. In 2012 Tatyana was taken off the national register of people infected with HIV.


Tamara was tested positive for HIV during her second pregnancy. She received a critical book on AIDS in a counselling centre run by the church. Together with her husband Ivan, she decided to keep the child and refused medical treatment. The child ist perfectly healthy, just like her little sister and her elder brother. The parents decided to never test their children for HIV. Tamara was murdered on 09/03/2012. The exact circumstances remain unclear.