The women in this film inspired us to launch a foundation in order to strengthen the self-healing powers of man. We see the future of health care in the return to the healing powers inherent in every human being and nature.

The foundation is called ARS SANA – Foundation for lifelong health and creative empowerment

Our main task is to contribute to the positive healing process of the individual in order to achieve a full recovery of society as a whole.

Recovery always takes place from the inside out.

Therefore, the foundation aims to strengthen the people to find their own individual and independent way to health. Just as Barbara, Tamara, Tatyana, Line, Lindsey and Karri are doing and have done.

Those who are interested in contributing financially to future projects or would simply want to be informed about upcoming films and other projects are welcome to visit our foundation’s website via the following link:

As a recognized charitable foundation registered in Germany financial donations are tax deductible (please check with your local tax office whether this also applies to your country, should you be donating from any other country than Germany).