As you may have noticed, stories like these are not told by the mainstream media. Everything that could jeopardize the financial interests of Big Pharma is subject to censorship. Hence, this is your chance to get involved and become a part of the “I won’t go quietly” community.

Help us reach a global audience to once and for all eradicate the dogma of HIV/AIDS and make room for true health and healthy living.

We are currently seeking:

  • Donations of any kind, any amount is welcome! Donations can be made via paypal
or via money transfer to the following bank account:

 Anne Blumenthal
IBAN: DE41 1009 0900 1021 1776 00

  • Designers for the creation of promotional material
  • Native speakers for foreign languages; the film is already translated to English, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Portugies, Slowakian and Polnish. Other languages are welcome.

  • Distrubitors for the worldwide distributation of the film, or the promotion of the film in their own home countries.

  • People who would like to help us organize public screenings internationally. Please contact cinema owners and/or cultural institutions. We can provide you with promotional material and can also, where needed, arrange a panel of experts for the discussion.
    Our condition: income share 50/50 (minimum is 100 Euro), other conditions to be negotiated.
  • People who organize I WONT GO QUIETLY – PARTIES
    Given the violation of human rights concerning HIV/AIDS there really is no reason to celebrate, of course. But why not replicate good concepts? You are probably well aware of those parties that brought a now well-known brand of plastic containers a lot of success!Hence, if you feel like showing the film on a smaller scale, i.e. in your own home, the clubhouse, your local pub, study circle, or even your school, please feel free to contact us via So don’t be shy just cos you cannot fill huge cinemas! Each and every screening counts – the more people can be reached, the sooner we can leave the dogma HIV / AIDS behind us to make room for holistic health and upcoming projects with more pleasant content.There is no licence fee for such events. We appreciate of course your donations to ARS SANA which will help us to finance our next film projects.