Special Thanks To:

Dennis-Lee Small for writing the lyrics of the title song for the film

Katrin Förch for composing the melody and singing the title song

Heiko Temp for playing the piano

Hallgeir Bjerke, Elektrohandel, Line Halstad, Paul Iles, Uta Kiunke, Plusquam Records, Elke Rausch, Sabine von Rothkirch for providing music

Home Productions for the use of equipment

Mirko Baschetti for the designing the website

Patrick Beauvais, Anthony Brink, Celia Farber, Angela Frauenkron-Hoffmann, Andrea de Groot, Radik Golovkov, Elena Heiligenbrunner, Chantal Mucie, Leslie Ocker, Brice Raynal, Sabine von Rothkirch, Dr. Irina Sazonova, Joan Shenton, Fabienne Sabatier, Dennis-Lee Small, Cedar D. Wolf, Matthias Wichmann for translations

Richard Dopler for the Benefits Event

Ralf Hill and Christina Völker for their graphic works

And the following people who have donated to this film project:

Gerd Börner, Ruth Copland, David Crowe, Lothar Hirschfeld, Elisabeth Kammerlander, Rosario Lambiase, David Ross, Karin Scheib, Luise Scheib

and to many others, who have decided to remain anonymous..

Thanks to all who helped us organizing a screening!

And mostly to:

The women who were brave enough to share their stories, even if it meant personal risk to themselves. They decided not to go quietly, and will they be forgotten !